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Catinari and the art of chocolate

The entrance of Catinari shop in P.zza S. Elisabetta in Florence
 In these rainy and cold days it can happen often often to me to stop at the cioccolateria Catinari in the lovely Piazza Sant'Elisabetta, just between the Dome and Piazza Signoria, in front of the Hotel Brunelleschi.

Just a perfect combination of slow and soul food, chocolate can be the answer to lots of questions! And this is the special chocolate of Roberto Catinari, who can be surely defined an artisan in this matter.

Roberto Catinari creates his brown gold since 40 years and learned this fine art in  Switzerland. After 20 years of apprentice he came back to Italy where he founded his activity in Agliana, a small town near Pistoia, Tuscany. In his 140 square meters workshop in Agliana Catinari produces 18 tons of chocolate every year.

Some of the beautiful compositions inside the shop
His philosophy is to focus as much as possible on quality and personality rather than quantity and  numbers. That's why Roberto manages every stage of production as well as every other aspects of  the administration of the factory. 70% of sales remains within the stores of Agliana and Florence,
only 30% goes beyond the borders thanks only to the effect of work of mouh. All this contributes to keep the artisanal taste and look of Catinari's creations, which are an all round pleasure: to the eyes first and finally to the mouth.

The window inside the Florence's shop
His most famous chocolate creations are the  "old tools", made of plain chocolate and cocoa powder
which reminds me a lot about my childhood, and every kind of chocolates mixed with pistachos, pine nuts,  amonds and dried fruits.
Not to miss are the combinations of chocolates with Brunello wine and prosecco, brandy and champagne.

In the new opened store of Florence you can taste gelato and cold chocolates as well, so that you can have the perfect excuse also in summer...

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