mercoledì 4 aprile 2012


I think that Spring is the best season at all to visit Florence. Gardens are in full bloom and can offer a valid alternatives to churches and museums, as well as a relaxing break for Florentines.
A"giaggiolo" the florentine name for lily

Not by chance the symbol and coat of arm of the city is a lily: founded in 59 B.C. during the celebrations of Floralia, the city's ancient name was Florentia, an auspicious name which came from the word flower.

We have a unique institution in Florence, called the Iris Garden located at the corner between Viale dei Colli and the panoramic Piazzale Michelangelo which specializes in growing and preserving this elegant and beautiful flower. This is open only in May, (free) when this flower gives its best in colors and perfume. A nice walk out of the historical center to see the garden, combined with a visit to the outstanding romanic church of San Miniato, an ice cream to recover the forces and your afternoon will be flown!

Wisteria pergola at the Bardini Gardens
But you won't need to go so far to relax your eyes...just think about the Bardini Gardens , its wisteria pergola which leads you to the top terrace will appear like a vision to your eyes in April/May, (this can be also because it's uphill garden!) 

Another wonderful view of the city and you can get into one of the most classical example of Italian style gardens, the glorious and regal Boboli gardens and walk down to Palazzo Pitti (same tickets, the two gardens are connected).
 Boboli gardens

Florence has also the biggest gardens in Europe within the city walls: The Torrigiani garden, still belonging to this old and noble family, can be opened on request and you will be revealed to the history of the family and of this English style garden.

Villa di Castello and its garden

Not to mention the Medici villas of Petraia and Castello, near Sesto Fiorentino, whose gardens were a real celebration of the Medicean glories, where you will admire sculptures and citrus collections which are unique in all over the world. 

Come to Florence and celebrate Spring with us!

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