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2015 A year in the Art: Florence main art exhibitions.

Eight is the number of art exhibitions of the ninth edition of the program "Un anno ad arte" (A year in the art) promoted by the Polo Museale Fiorentino. Here is the calendar for 2015:

UFFIZI February 2nd -May 24th the exhibition is dedicated to the flemish painter Gerritt Hornthorst from Utrecht known as Gherardo delle Notti (Gherardo of the nights) for his ability to paint night scenes and his knowdgeable use of the light. The title is "Gherardo delle Notti Quadri bizzarrissimi e cene allegre" (Gherardo delle Notti. Most bizarre paintings and merry suppers"). His presence in Florence at the beginning of the 1600 was incredibly and enthusiastically welcomed, especially by the greatest collectors, the Medici family, who purchased 4 big canvas by this artist.

Gerritt von Honthorst,  Supper with nuptials 1614 , Uffizi, Florence

BARGELLO March 20th -June 21st in the occasion of the 150th year of Florence capital of Italy and the birth of the of Bargello as a museum, the exhibition will focus on the theme of the trip during the Middle Age both in the realistic and the fantastic notion. "The Middle age on the road". You will have the opportunity to appreciate everyday objects and records related to the theme of travelling of that period.

ACCADEMIA March 20th - Oct 11th the focus is again Middle Age taking into consideration one of the greatest religious events of the history "Franciscan art. Masterpieces of art and Asian land 
from the 13th to the 15th centuries" 

Taddeo Gaddi, 1335-40, Saint Francis receiving the stigmate, Accademia museum, Florence

MUSEO DEGLI ARGENTI, Palazzo Pitti June 9th - Oct 11th the exhibition will be dedicated to the importance of the Lapis Lazuli, the precious intense blue stone frequently used in Florence for the realisation of the Florentine mosaics as well as the production of the amazing blue color which can be admired on frescoes and paintings since the Middle age through the Renaissance. "Lapis Lazuli. Blue Magic".

Gian Stefano Caroni, Jacques Bylivelt on Buontalenti's design, Flask,  end of XVII century,
 Museo degli Argenti, Florence

UFFIZI June 22nd-Sept 27th second exhibition at the Uffizi dedicated to Piero di Cosimo 1462-1522, Florentine eccentric painter from Renaissance to Mannerism"

Piero di Cosimo, Perseus and Andromeda, 1510, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

PALATINE GALLERY, Palazzo Pitti June 30th-November 15th we'll get into the life of the Florentine court of 1600, led by the Medici Grand Duchess Vittoria della Rovere whose  favourite painter was Carlo Dolci. His beautiful and translucent painting reminds of the splendour of the Florentine mosaics.

Carlo Dolci, Saint Andrew praying before his martyrdom 1631, Galleria Palatina, Florence

MODERN ART GALLERY Palazzo Pitti November 19th - April 3rd 2016 - celebration of the 150th year of Florence as the Capital of the newly united Italy: "Florence Capital 1865-2015. The king's gifts and collections". The exhibition will show principally the paintings and object purchased by the King of Italy during his stay at the Pitti palace.

V.Cabianca Florentine Storytellers of the XV century, 1860
Modern art Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, Florence

ACCADEMIA December 14 - April 16th an exhibition dedicated to Carlo Portelli "A painter of some worth" focus on a less famous artist of the 16th century and his refined and complicated search for elegance in his painting.

Carlo Portelli, Dispute on the Immaculate Conception, 1566, Accademia, Florence

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