mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

The Florentine answer to sushi is Fiaschetteria dí Pesce

Such a nice surprise to find a fish "Fiaschetteria " in Florence! The word "Fiaschetteria" once meant the place where wine was sold, in bottles or just as in today's bar, by the glass. It is thus a very informal and popular place, often with wooden tables and with paper on it. Now Fiaschetterie, as well as Trattorie, are considered as informal restaurants, often open just for lunch. 

At the Fiaschetteria dí pesce, fish is the main ingredient: row shrimps, oisters, tuna well as a fist pasta courses, or traditional Tuscan dishes as cacciucco, fish soups, fish salads and much more!

Very informal atmosphere, partly a fish shop, partly a trattoria, where you can choose the fish from the window of the counter, amazing quality and selection! 

And the location is also perfect, in Piazza della Vittoria, at the exit of the Superstrada Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, the highway connecting Florence to the nearest spot of the Tuscan coast, Livorno, directly on the Tirrenian Sea, where the fish comes from!

I wanted to make a picture of my dish but it made me so hungry and I did not have the time...sorry!

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